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A Tip That Could Help My Vet and You

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Marketing your veterinarian business

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Until recently my dog Ginger had been mildly suffering from a number of ailments.  That’s Ginger above with our vet, Dr. Gary White from Catawba Heights Animal Hospital; a great vet center by the way.  When I took Ginger to see Dr. White, like most offices I visit these days I could not help but observe the way the office was organized to attract and manage customers. 

I listened to the clamor of voices outside our examining room; mostly attendants instructing the owners of discharged pets on how to administer medicines, change bandages and manage injuries.  A thought came to me that providing an instructional video either online or on disc would be a great way for Dr. White’s staff to simplify the process of teaching the most common tasks. 

In a 20 minute video production Dr. White could visually present just about every common task that his staff now has to demonstrate.  I personally have asked Dr. White at least 3 times the best way to give Ginger those pills that she quickly figured out are not Scooby Snacks. 

In addition to significantly reducing the number of “how do I do that again” service inquiries, Dr. White can add a few plugs to market additional items like regular checkups, specialty foods, collars or any other item that his office sells.  What’s better is that his customers will probably forward the videos to friends possibly turning some into new customers for Dr. White. Hmmm…smarter customers, product cross sells and new business; this must be what they call business nirvana.

Well, if it works for Dr. White’s veterinary service the strategy could work for any business.  We all have customers and clients who need a little help.  Why not make training easy and do a bit of good marketing at the same time.  We would all love to read comments from Dr. Whites universe (click to comment).

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One Response to “A Tip That Could Help My Vet and You”

  1. Taylor Says:

    This type of customer training approach is highly relevant to most businesses, especially those with active customers and repeat sales and services.

    Its just hard to get a busy small business owner and his or her staff to take the time to step back and improve their product or service delivery process, even though it almost always means that their lives will be better for making the effort in the long run.

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