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Partnering, the Key to Social Web Success

Welcome to the day's New Media Coaching session, if you want to be notified the next time we add one of our proven business building new media lessons sign up for email alerts or subscribe to our RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!

Partnering with other blogggers in your niche is the single most effective tactics you can use to grow your online influence and business. If you have made it a part of your business marketing strategy to build relationships with remarkable bloggers, Feedly is a great tool to stay on top of their updates. For today’s lesson I prepared the following screencast video to get you started.

watch the priest film

Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this Blip.tv video.

The Tools

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Feedly’s free service bolts onto the Firefox browser through a plugin and arranges all of your blog rss feeds into an easy to read, magazine-like interface.  You can create groups to organize your feeds and it is in these groups where the power of Feedly as an online networking tool shines.

The Strategy…

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Organize a group of 3 to 5 bloggers who commit to supporting one another through guest posts, blog comments, idea exchanges and promotion through social media. The best team members are those who sell a complimentary product or service to the same target customer. Complimentary business owners will find it easy to contribute to the collective, as their expertise will be naturally relevant.

Once you have a few good social media folk in your personal network add their blog feeds to a Feedly group to monitor new posts and jump into discussions that draw your interest by adding comments; promoting great posts on Twitter and pointing your Facebook friends in your partner’s direction.

Tell us about your online tribe?

watch the red riding hood film

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8 Responses to “Partnering, the Key to Social Web Success”

  1. Brandon Uttley Says:


    I have long been a fan of Feedly and think it’s an overlooked tool. Most people default to Google Reader—which is OK—but Feedly provides more tools and a much better experience.

    Your point about forming alliances with others is well put. It is important to help fellow entrepreneurs out, especially those with excellent content.

  2. Coach John Says:


    Thanks for stopping by…do you use Feedly as a general blog monitoring tool or is there something more strategic in that diabolical mind of yours (grin)?


  3. Brandon Uttley Says:

    I have used Feedly as the central place to read blogs I like to keep up with. It’s also a great place to share stuff, though I have sort of gotten away from the habit and need to do more with it. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Sandra Dyche Says:

    This is something called a networking and if one has a wide network chances are he or she can have a bigger sales.

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